Human Resources International (HRI) maintains principles of integrity and trust with respect to the privacy of personal information. HRI will protect the privacy of personal information received from any internal or external sources at all times as per the Personal Information Protection Act of British Columbia.


HRI recognizes the legal responsibility and obligation to protect information and will maintain reasonable safeguards that comply in all material respect with industry standards to guard against unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, destruction or modification to information.

Management of Personal Information

As per the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, there is a balance between an individual’s right to the privacy of personal information and the need for organizations to collect, use or disclose personal information for legitimate business purposes.


Personal information:

Referring to personal information that is collected, disclosed, or used which could potentially identify an individual.

Contact/business information:

Referring to information regarding an individual’s place of business, i.e.: business name, position or title, business telephone number, address, email or fax number.

Business information will be kept secure while it is in HRI’s possession and subsequently disposed of in a secure manner when it is no longer required.

Training and Development

HRI will train as appropriate with respect and in adherence to their obligations regarding applicable Privacy Policies.

Clients have the right to refuse to divulge any personal information