Hiring and Selection

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This manual assists those who supervise and manage direct staff reports, to be effective when addressing day-to-day employee hiring and selection matters.

It is a “hands on” guide to be used in conjunction with advice from your Human Resource Advisor/Consultant.

What This Manual Contains

HIRING and SELECTION PROCESS: deals with the candidate assessment process, criteria for selection and methods for assessing applicants. It outlines past work performance processes, methods of assessing and performing checks that should be conducted prior to hiring.

PROBATION PERIOD: deals with the probation period and formal review/performance development process. It outlines information that must be provided to a new employee regarding job duties and standards of performance and summarizes factors to consider when deciding whether to confirm or reject an employee on probation.

ORIENTATION PERIOD: provides a starter checklist to use during the orientation of a new employee, beginning with tasks to be completed before the employee arrives and suggested examples of actions to take as the orientation period proceeds.