Strategic Services

Assistance with planning and development in the following:

  • HR departments
  • Policy, standards development and best practices
  • Strategic goal setting
  • Succession planning development (seamless transfer of knowledge to implementation of best hiring practices)
  • Employee engagement initiatives/surveys and the development of follow up action plans
  • Advise on role/job definitions, job description writing and
  • Development of performance standards/appraisals/reviews
  • Review, assess and advise on causes for turnover
  • Workforce planning/re-organizations, human resource outsourcing review
  • Develop recruitment and retention strategies to hire and retain the right people and develop strategies to maintain and/or improve current hiring practices
  • In consultation, put proactive measures in place to establish business objectives that mitigate potential HR risks
  • Advise and support you to assess talent management, training and developmental needs with a view to increased organizational effectiveness